With this story we want to bring all the glory to God!

On the 24th of April 2017 the Holy Spirit called a church leader from the city and convinced him to gather all Christian church leaders in Potchefstroom. Leaders that cross over all church, culture, language, politics and geographical borders, so that they can stand in united prayer for the city.

The first meeting took place on the 9th of May 2017. Thirty five Christian church leaders representative of all language and cultures arrived. All leaders unanimously realized that the calling came from God. They spontaneously gave expression to the need that in future all Christian church leaders from the entire city should meet for regular prayer meetings and work together in unity.
This event was followed by regular prayer meetings and the spontaneous need to work unitedly as a Potchefstroom Church Leader (PCL) forum was born. Gradually this movement was structured into the PCL we now know. PCL was eager to testify about the fact that God was giving to them in this newly found unity and decided to celebrate this miracle with a massive prayer meeting.

This strong testimony of cooperation and unity between church leaders became known and this created a spontaneous wave where more Christian leaders from various communities, organized business, training institutions, and government sectors cooperated over all manmade borders. All wanting to be part of this day of prayer! This newly found unity was celebrated on 17th of September 2017 at the “Olënpark Stadium” with a day of prayer, known as “It’s Time - Potch”. On this day 86 Church leaders signed a testimony of unity and willingness to pray and work together.

In the meantime PCL continued to grow in members and became a more established, representative and structured forum. They developed various relationships with role players such as the JB Marks Municipality, the business chamber, community leaders, NGO’s, Schools, NWU, SAPS, SANDF and still many other organizations.


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